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100% Confidential

Your order details, personal information, and payment info are not shared with third parties

100% Original

Your order will be written from scratch: just for you and based on your instructions.

Timely Delivery

Over 96% of our orders are delivered by the required deadline. It's our promise.

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Your transaction is safely processed by our payments vendor. We never see your payment card numbers.


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Perfect your project with help from an expert helper.


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Tell us what you need done. Simply submit the details of your project. (the more information you include, the better).


Instant match with helper

Within minutes, you will be connected to an expert helper that will begin working on your task.


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After your helper is done, you can download the finished product from any device, any time.

Yup, it's that easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our services, helpers, and other important topics before you make a purchase decision.

Why should I choose Grad Help?

Our expert helpers provide top quality service each and every time. From the minute you place your order, we ensure you have a helper with the expertise needed to complete your project. We've taken the necessary steps needed to provide you with the best help on the web. Our helpers are chosen through an extensive screening process and they are compensated fairly for their services. With Grad Help, you know you're getting expert help from a happy helper.

How quickly can you assist me?

Minutes after you submit your details! We ensure you get the help you need as soon as possible. Our easy to use, streamlined process begins when you provide your information, such as the help you need. We’ll then match you with an expert helper to get the project running. As soon as you confirm payment, you’ll be connected to an expert. The exact amount of time your nerd will need depends on the complexity of the work to be done and your ability to learn quickly. However, your personal helper is at your service every step of the way starting from the minute assigned.

What's the price?

We understand our customers often seek help in times of urgency. We are proud to provide you with reasonable prices while paying our helpers a fair wage. We've found the perfect balance to ensure our service is of the highest quality, while also affordable. Pricing ultimately varies based on the type of help you need, the complexity of the study materials, and the deadline. Our prices come with a quality guarantee! We guarantee the help you receive is useful and valuable.

Is Grad Help discreet?

Yes, the business conducted between you and our Grad Helpers remains your and yours alone.Our helpers are taught from day one that privacy and discretion are the cornerstone of Grad Help. It is company policy to ensure your personal and financial information is confidential and protected.

Is Grad Help secure?

Yes, we use 256-bit SSL encryption and rely on many security vendors to ensure that your data is protected.

What topics can the helpers assist me with?


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